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Reviews for Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers: 10/11/2009 Carnegie Library Music Hall, Munhall, PA

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Rick Penrod  (10/1/2012 9:58:10 AM)

Excellent show Bruce and band. I was the fan that Bruce had to model the T-shirt I was wearing of his Uncle Charles. Does anyone recall this. Again what a show!!!
Rick Penrod, Ohio


Keith Bozek  (11/1/2011 6:27:07 AM)

I came from Rochester NY for past (2) shows. Gee that guy from Cleveland got a request played. Bruce been a fan for all 25 years! We have a great jazz festival here and wish they would invite you!


Matt  (1/7/2011 9:05:28 PM)

The "Valley Road" file has been fixed and it's complete if you were like me and got an incomplete download earlier, download it again and you'll have the whole thing!

Great show!


jd  (12/1/2010 8:09:43 PM)

Thanks Bruce for giving me that hometown show! You've gotta lotta fans in Steeler country -- and Munhall is actually where my mom was raised. Great to have the Carnegie Library Music Hall back in use after being left in disrepair for a considerable while! Please accept my invite on behalf of the community for you and the Noisemakers to return any time. The new stuff (at the time) -- Prarie Dog Town, Levitate, etc. sounds as good as my mind's memory of the night. Love the idea and execution of the Live Noise series -- dig the series cover art immensely as well!
PS Black/black high top Chuck's rule!


ellisdee25  (11/26/2010 12:38:47 PM)

Thank you so very much for the show!! I have to say though, it is a shame that incredible Valley Road is incomplete...whats there is AWESOME! I would love to see you bring the Noisemakers to the Wanee Festival in 2011...I'm sure the Allman Brothers would book you a spot..Peace :)


Jason Goerndt  (11/26/2010 11:20:25 AM)

Its a shame Valley Road cuts out just when it gets good.
Still great to get this recording for free though dispite the cut.
This show sounds great.
Thanks again!


Frank M.  (11/23/2010 10:09:50 AM)

Thanks to you and Noisemakers for sharing your music art with us. Another very great show starting with one of my favourite Bruce's songs e.g. Night on the town. Only one notice: the amazing version of Valley Road with the superb guitar arrangment seems to be truncated at 4.50 min. If possible, please could you re-upload the complete version. Thanks again.


Jason Goerndt  (11/22/2010 12:16:08 PM)

Thanks Bruce for making this show available.
I hope the Detroit 10/30/09 show becomes available soon as that was easily the best show of the tour.
This was a great show. The band was on and the setlist was great.
The only problem was the lazy crowd, they just sat on their asses making this show somewhat boring not for only me but Im sure the band gets unmotivated as well.
It made me realize that seated venues can suck for certain bands and their crowds.
All in all the show was still great dispite not being able to get up and jam out to the music and also dispite getting bitched at by some old yuppies sitting behind me who just sat there pounding down cheap wine the whole time chatting during the songs they didn't know.


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