Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers - Dagle's Choice, Volume 2

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Show Notes

    Greetings everyone.  It was great to see the enthusiasm for Volume 1 so here is the follow up.  I mainly picked songs that I think go well together and could have been a set.   Since it isn't apparent what shows these songs are from I've decided to include a short list  (I assume that once you download them they will be tagged with the specific show and date).

    1. I Truly Understand - NYC 09|26|09.  A really nice solo piano version showcasing his love of this traditional folk song.

    2. This Too Shall Pass - DETROIT MI 10|30|09.  It's always been one of my favorite songs.  I love the mood and it goes to some really interesting melodic areas. 

    3. Talk of the Town - MUNHAL PA 10|11|09.  This song always has a good chance for getting into something completely new.  From a great show in an old church outside of PIttsburgh.
    4. Big Stick - INDIANAPOLIS IN 10|29|09.  I'm a sucker for this kind of rhythm guitar playing.  I always try to make this song kick butt for the audience. 

    5. Defenders of the Flag - GREAT BARRINGTON MA 10|06|09.  More guitar love.  Plus Bruce is usually pretty entertaining on this one.  I think it has something to do with not having to concentrate so hard on his "bootleg" accordian playing and just having fun singing.

    6. Invisible - BRIDGEPORT CT 10|02|09.  This song has been around for a lot longer than most people know.  It's another one of this songs that just hits me right.  I guess I'm showing my weakness for good pop music.  It's nice to have this one out there for everyone to enjoy.

    7. Spider Fingers - PEEKSKILL NY 07|31|09.  This version has a great middle section with a  little "Superfreak" and "Tightin Up".  This song kind of defines the band in many ways for me.

    8. Rainbows Cadillac - RICHMOND VA 10|03|09.  This is a fun version with a nice long "Backhand" intro from a show at the National Theater in Richmond. It's really one of my favorite venues in the country.  There are some great moments from this show.

    9. Here We Are Again > End of the Innocence - BOSTON MA 9|27|09. 7 1/2 minutes of melodic, ethereal good stuff.  Like "This Too Shall Pass", "Sticks and Stones", I really enjoy this side of Bruce.

    10. Mandolin Rain > Black Muddy River - PORTSMOUTH NH 09|29|09.  I know it's been around for a while but I truly love this combo.  See if you can tell where Bruce is holding back a chuckle.  I'll give you a hint - it's very exposed.

    More "choice" songs to follow.  Please check back every week or so. 




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